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UPDATE - September 19th, 2011: Fully GUI Version released


Project Description
This is an alternate patching program based around the idea of using multiple mirror sites of the original APB: Reloaded patch server. It was created to fix the troublesome problems the original launcher sometimes has on the user end.
A tool created to support "mirrors" of the APB: Reloaded patcher.

The first stable is currently out.

Here's a small preview. If you'd like to test out what's done so far. Head over to the Downloads section.



AddictArts - For giving me the correct CRC method. (CRC32c)

code-completion of ##csharp on freenode - For helping me solve a problems and correcting errors.

The ##csharp channel on freenode in general for helping me out on the more difficult tasks, without them I wouldn't have made it this far. 

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